Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

7 Months, Easter and a Breakthrough

Click on the picture below to see Leyton's 7 month pictures-they were taken in his nursery/room at Granna's. Once again, Aunt Mina did a great job-thank you!!!!!

Leyton has been "talking" alot more lately and randomly, but daily, saying mama and dada-if only he could associate us with the names-soon enough though. We are finally 100% back on Similac-no more gold formula for now-and doing well. Leyton has taken to his pacifier more-but it's really only a nightimeneccessity. He loves swinging outside in his swing at Granna's and he has recently been floor dancing. Anytime he hears the Wonder Pets theme song or his rabbit that he got for Easter from his Gran-Gran, he starts kicking his legs and gets really excited.

On April 17, Leyton's bottom two front teeth broke through-finally!!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

Over the past month and a half we celebrated 5 birthdays, and Leyton enjoyed taking part in all of them.

We first celebrated MeMaw's (Michael's Grandmother) 81st birthday. She absolutely loves babies and keeps telling us Leyton is too pretty to be a boy and she also kept telling us that he just needed to go home with her :)

Here Susan, Michael's aunt is holding Leyton while he acts silly-it looks like he was playing a piano.
For my birthday Michael and Leyton got me a big balloon-Leyton loves it!!!!-a cake an orchid and a gift card to one of my favorite clothing shops. Here is a pic of the balloon.

On March 6th we went to our friend Lincolns' 2nd birthday party. The theme was pirates and was such a great party! Leyton enjoyed watching all the little kids run around and was awed-as were we-with Lincoln's pirate ship swing set.

My Mom and her Sister put together a birthday party for my Grandma-Gran-Gran's 80th birthday. My Aunt, my cousin and her 3 kids(Clara and twin boys Chase and Reid) and my other cousins wife all came up and we celebrated all weekend long.

For Michael's 30th birthday, his parents took us to dinner at Brio in Southlake. Leytons favorite part was drinking from a straw and being able to see into the kitchen and see what all was going on.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First "Haircut"

Ok, so technically it wasn't a haircut, it was a mere trim, but it was still a memory worth capturing. Leyton's hair was starting to grow over his ears and he had a few long strands in the front that needed taking care of so one Friday when I was off we went to my hairdresser and she gave Leyton his first trim. He sat on my lap and was, uncharacteristically still for her.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

6 Months Old

Half a year old!!!! I am never going to get over how quickly he is growing-never-it's going by soo fast. Last week we went for his 6 month check-up and the following are his stats:

Weight: 15 lbs 5 oz (25th percentile)

Height: 28" (last time they said 29"-but we found out they mis-measured) (80th percentile)

Head: 80th percentile

Doctor Robert said he is underweight but that he is not worried about him-he thinks he's going to be tall and skinny. Best news is that we are going off of prevacid and starting to slowly go back to similac-no more gold formula!!!

Leyton's newest thing is when we ask him where the fan is he looks right at it-regardless of where we are. Since he was an infant he has been and continues to be awed by ceiling fans. We've decided that will probably be his first word :)

Click below to see his 6 month pictures (he looks like such a big boy). He did much better for these pics. Thanks again Aunt Mina!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

5 months old.....came and went

I am not quite sure where January and February have gone but they brought us snow (once again), 2 family additions, valentines day and lots of joy, laughter and fun times!!!

On January 14th, my cousin had twin boys-Reid and Chase-and a few weekends later we went to visit them. Leyton was very interested in the new boys and wanted to touch them. When one of the boys started crying it scared Leyton (he'd never heard another baby/kid cry) and then he started crying-it was kinda funny but I also felt bad for him. It will be so fun to watch them (including Clara) grow up together!

Leyton and Chase

Leyton and Reid-right before the crying began.

The same day that we went to visit the twins Leyton turned 5 months old. Click on the picture below to see his 5 month pictures-he was being a little serious in these pics-of course once the camera went away he was all smiles.

Growing up I always received presents for Christmas and my birthday-but my Mom would also get me a "suprise" for Valentines and Easter-so of course I am had to carry the tradition on with Leyton. For Valentines (we went a little overboard but it's not like he knows) he got a new stuffed monkey, Murphy, some rubber blocks, a balloon (that deflated within a day) and some soft baby einstein blocks from us. Granna got him a potterybarn kids airplane sheet and airplane quilt to play on and a mini see and say. He also got some money and sweet cards from his Nana & Papa and Aunt JuJu and Jimmy.

Leyton continues to eat his baby food-oatmeal, fruit and veggies- but has decided that squash is, by far, his favorite. He doesn't care for any juices, but loves water-especially out of a big person cup-we can't drink water with out giving him some. He has become more snuggly and cuddly and "hugs" (squeezes) us often. Strangers seam to make him weary-but he will slowly warm up to them as long as we are around. The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Old Mc Donald are his favorite nursery rhyme songs and Brown Bear Brown Bear is the book of the moment. Aside from the wooden spoon and 1/4 cup measuring cup, his favorite toys are a throw back fisher price musical tv, a see and say, a baby einstein muscial fish tank, a balloon, rubber blocks and foam bath letters (which are in his mouth constantly-in the tub and out). Peek-a-boo is a favorite game that never gets old as well as staring into the mirror and getting handprints all over it. The television usually consists of Wonder Pets (still), Bob the Builder and Baby Einstein DVD's. He absolutely LOVES to ride in the baby bjorn and go around the house touching and grabbing anything and everything. He has even helped me bake some cakes and cupcakes while in the bjorn.
He is still toothless but continues to drool constantly. He isn't sleeping through the night yet, BUT he is only waking up once to feed and goes back to sleep afterwards. The cats and Goldie (my Grandparents dog) intrigue him and he gets frustrated when they won't let him touch them. As soon as he sees them he smiles and begins "talking" to them (as seen in my previous blog). He is also sitting up on his own as is evident in the above picture. I can't believe that yet another month has gone by-we're having so much fun!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010